Free Educational Talks



Heather & Robert Light  - Being Omni
10.30 am -11.00 am


Father and Daughter Team Heather and Robert Light present Being Omni which is new evolutionary practice to improve health and wellbeing. The practice is based around three steps which teach people how to quieten a busy mind, learn how to re-connect to the body and live more in their present moments. They have written a book which is available to purchase from their website.

Anna Lee  - Palmistry
11.00 am – 11.30 am

Anna Lee will be giving an insightful half hour talk on Palmistry. This ancient practice reveals individual personality, life and character traits through the study of the shapes, size, lines of the hands and fingers. The palm of the hand has three major lines - The Life, Head and Heart Line.



Alex Belojica Runes & Runic Divination
11.30 am – 12.00 pm

Alex Belojica is a runecaster and numerologist. The Runes are a primeval method of divination practised across Northern Europe many centuries ago and is an almost lost mystical art that Alex is pleased to be reviving. Alex Belojica will talk about the runes origins, their uses and explain the link to Norse myths and legends.



Caron Williams - Intermittent Fasting for health
12 pm – 1pm

Caron Williams is a Health and Lifestyle Coach (Primal Health Certified) NLP Practitioner, Personal Training Cert. 1V, Sports Teacher Dip. Teaching. She will be presenting simple, evidence-based lifestyle behaviours for individuals to take action to become their ideal version of health and vitality as well as show you how to take charge of your lifestyle choices. Caron states “your genes are not your destiny – you can create healthful longevity with the right lifestyle choices.”



Mario  Morris  - Wizardry and Magic
1.00 pm – 2 pm

Discover how to live in the fullness of your own confidence of your dreams, goals, and aims. Mario Morris, is a Motivational Magician, Storyteller, Tarot Card Reader, and an alternative life coach. He runs Magic and Wizardy courses as well as one to one and group coaching. In this focus, he will show us how to become a master of time and space while developing self-confidence skills.



Angela Ferreira – Psychic Art
2 pm – 2.30 pm


Angela Ferreira is an artist and will be talking about art as a universally human creative urge and how it has the potential to heal, change and manifest our imagination into reality. Angela’s shamanic art workshops teach us how art can be channelled from within rather than used through complicated procedures and techniques. Shamanic images and patterns emerge whenever we engage ourselves in the arts of painting, journeying, chanting and other sounds. We can have encounters with animals and other realms, step into other worlds, receive messages and experience flight like visions when we open our soul vision and let go of the controlling mind. A sense of fun is essential, all children can do amazing paintings, why not all adults? Angela says
‘I have been painting all my life and I have seen people doing amazing things before when they start believing in themselves. Art is important to the soul in the way medicine is important for the body. Art is in fact soul medicine.’



Laure Boutrais Lodge  -  Gut Brain Connection
2.30 pm  – 3.30 pm

Laure Boutrais Lodge is a qualified Naturopath through the school of Naturopathic Nutrition. She facilitates workshops and will be giving a talk on Gut Health, water, Kefir, Naturopathy, Microbiota and the benefits of fermented foods. Laure is very passionate about Nature & Health and will be selling a range of natural probiotic drinks and fermented food products.



Jay -  Mantras & Mudras
3.30 pm – 4.00 pm

Jay of Hasta Collection will be giving a half hour talk on Mantras and Mudras. Mantras and Mudras assist us in reaching a higher state of consciousness. Mantas are a phrase or word repeated over and over, each syllable is imbued with spiritual power, vibrates with the blessing of the speech and cleanses negativity. The sound waves the travel from the persons mouth and call in and invoke powerful magical cosmic forces. A Mudra is a symbolic hand gesture or bodily posture which work in a symbiotic way with a mantra. Mudras express thought and emotion and activate certain inner states to allow the practitioner to bring their visualization into physical expression.


Angela Orora  – Cariad Spiritual - The Violet Flame & The Alchemy Of Transmutation  - 4.00 – 4.30 pm



Angela Orora is Cariad Spiritual, The Practical Mystic, a light worker, an experienced clairvoyant psychic medium, spiritual healer, teacher and coach.
Angela has worked professionally for over thirty years using intuition, clairvoyance and spiritual guidance to offer insight to clients on different continents, encouraging them to move in a positive direction, embracing the challenges that lie ahead; she teaches Spiritual Healing, Intuitive and Spiritual Development, leads circles, training, workshops and retreats in Wales, London and Greece.
We all have the ability to transform, grow and shine which is why Angela's logo reflects just that; her role is to support you to ‘Be The Butterfly’.
Angela will be leading a discussion and meditation on The Violet Flame and its role as a tool of alchemical transmutation to support your development and transformation.