Free Practical and Experiential Workshops

The Workshops for the last South Wales Wellness Show which was on March 16th 2019 are listed below. Workshops for the next South Wales Wellness Show on November 17th 2019 will be announced here soon.



Anne Sheeky - Attic Teas - Tea Ceremony & Meditation
10.30 am - 11 am

Anne Skeeky is the co founder of of Attic Tea's who source their Chinese tea straight from Shanghai. Attic  Herbal Teas are beneficially healthy for the body and have been sourced from the wise ancient Chinese culture.

Anne will be hosting a Tea Ceremony Meditation experience, taking you on journey to heal mind, body and spirit.


Hoppi Whimbush From Ego To Transcendence
11 am – 12 pm

Hoppi Whimbush is an Intuitive Healer, Medicine Woman and Spiritual Teacher. She is a Co Founder of the Lammas Earth Center and EcoVillage in West Wales. Hoppi’s work and teachings inspire soulful living and empower you to find your passion and live with real purpose and meaning.

Hoppi Whimbush will be teaching a transformational one-hour workshop that involves an experiential journey from separation consciousness to unity consciousness. The workshop incorporates the very best of sound healing, creative expression, NLP deep meditation and dance. Learn how to express your authentic self and step in to your true empowered authentic self.



Eva Millauer – Embodiment Of The Conscious Heart
12 pm –   1 pm


Eva Millauer is a Visual performing artist & workshop facilitator. She supports that very important link between the verbal mind, the body and the heart to allow for an ecstatic process of creative expression and empowerment to develop that is uniquely you. The workshop will involve engaging in spoken word and movement to explore the deeper meaning of existence. We will explore oneness with all there is, a heart-fullness and an effortless way of being. No experience necessary.



Emma Money Kyrle      Qi-gong Workshop
1 pm –  2 pm

Emma Money -Kyrle is an experienced shiatsu Practitioner and Qigong Teacher who focuses on creating natural strength, working with earth energies and connecting with our natural environment. Enhance your internal energy with this one hour Qigong Workshop and experience this gentle yet powerful movement practice to recharge your body and mind. Qi-Gong is a form of moving meditation that works with life force energy. It involves simple movements, posture, breathing and awareness to improve the health and harmonize the body, helping to create balance and equilibrium.


Nicola Smith – Body Wisdom – Thai Massage
2 pm – 3 pm

Nicola Smith runs Body Wisdom Thai Massage Training School and facilitates Thai Massage workshop and private sessions. Join her for this practical workshop connecting you with the rhythms of Traditional Thai Bodywork. Join Nicola for a short demonstration and a practical exchange so that you can experience the spirit and flow of Thai massage for yourself. If you have a yoga mat - please bring it. Come on your own or with a friend. No experience is needed.



Fiona Winter            Energy Moves
3 pm  –  4 pm

In this workshop Fiona will be bringing her 35+ years of experience as a somatic movement teacher, embodied facilitator and coach. Movement that brings pleasure, fun, mobility, functional movement and expression. Develop more awareness from sensing the movement from within. Explore whats possible, what’s fun, what’s new, what’s different. Using the Nia technique, Embodied Yoga Principles and Somatics. Open to all.



Alex Jackson             Gong Bath
4 pm – 5 pm

Alex Jackson facilitates Sound Healing Workshops and Sound Therapy Sessions. He will be performing a one-hour gong bath using multiple gongs. Bath in these powerful frequencies which will rebalance and recharge body, mind and soul. Experience the benefits of sound therapy as an aid to self healing and relaxation and get in tune with the real you.

Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy our bodies can be brought back in tune and we can begin to feel healthy, balanced and happy once more.


Emma Money-Kyrle

Fiona Winter

Hoppi Wimbush